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Meaning of Proximity

Our research aims to understand how citizens from different backgrounds value proximity to various activities at the neighborhood level. People value proximity to different destinations (ex: shopping, work, school, etc.) differently. Detailed information on these preferences and perceptions is essential to inform local policies and scientific research. Your contribution will help both.

The survey will build your flower of proximity (reference), identifying your proximity preferences, which will be provided by the end in pdf format.


In our survey, we aim to reach different age groups, and so we ask parents to disseminate this survey to their children and allow them to also fill in a survey individually or accompanied by their legal guardians.


The survey is anonymous. By filling out the survey, you agree to willingly share your opinions with us.

Thank you!

Part I
Let us talk about proximity!
1. Below is a list of terms used in research and professionally to refer to proximity. For each term, choose one of the options:
Part II
Let us get to know about you!

Thank you!

Would you like to build your own "Flower of Proximity"? Click here to map your preferred destinations based on their distance from your home.

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