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Who We Are

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At the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning at the Technical University for Munich (TUM), we unravel the tapestry of urban dynamics, transportation, and accessibility.


Our mission is to create cities that are not only visually striking and efficient but also accessible to all. With a multidisciplinary approach, we delve into the intricate connections between people, spaces, and mobility, uncovering innovative solutions that enhance inclusivity and improve quality of life.


Through groundbreaking research, transformative design, and collaborative partnerships, we shape urban environments that empower everyone, regardless of their abilities, to fully participate in and enjoy the urban experience. Join us as we redefine urban accessibility and pave the way for more equitable and thriving communities.


What We Do

Our aim is to support integrated land-use and transport planning by means of accessibility - a concept, which has been proven to enhance quality of life and sustainability in our cities.


Accessibility instruments empower interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral discussions among various stakeholders, decision-makers and citizens.

Areas of Research: 

  • Accessibility Instruments for Planning Practice

  • CO2 Accessibility Assessments

  • Monetary Accessibility Assessments

  • Intermodal Accessibility

  • Accessibility and Equity

  • Webbased Open Accessibility Tools

  • Local Accessibility by Proximity with Active Mobility

Our Projects

Through extensive research and collaboration, we have developed a comprehensive range of cutting-edge tools and solutions to enhance accessibility in various domains.


Discover some of these tools by clicking on the icons below! Dive into our innovative projects and witness the brilliance in action. 

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How Can We Help?

Please reach out to us if you have any ideas, questions or interests regarding accessibility mobility planning, we would be happy to provide you any insight we can!


Technische Universität München
Arcisstraße 21
80333 München


Tel.: +49 89 289 22447
Fax: +49 89 289 23840



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Have a look at our website creators!

Benjamin has been working at the Chair of Settlement Structure and Transport Planning since June 2010. He holds a doctorate in engineering with a diploma in geography and deals with the topics of accessibility planning, governance and local transport concepts. His professional skills lie in the areas of urban and traffic planning, geoinformatics as well as in empirical research and survey methods.


Both Sarah and Kabyl have completed their masters in Transportation Systems Engineering at TUM. While completing their masters, they have had the exciting opportunity to work at the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning alongside Benjamin and his colleagues, working on projects such as the "Flower of Proximity".

Website Creators

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Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Büttner


M.Sc. Sarah Hutchings

M.Sc. Kabyl Oxikbayev

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